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Sayoc Sama Sama UK - Panantukan

Sama Sama 2013 Trailers

We are getting excited about Sama Sama US & UK 2014. Here are some trailer clips from 2013 to prime the pump! Sama Sama UK 2013 – Transition Drills: Sama Sama UK 2013 – Panantukan If you haven’t yet, register for Sama Sama here!


Crush Your Enemies

Dave Kalstein, Tuhon Raf, and Guro Matt Campbell with the original sword from the movie CONAN!

Kensi-Deeks Frozen Lake

Frozen Lake Metaphor

Tuhon Raf interviewed by the NCIS: LA fan website, WIKIDEEKS, in an article exploring the metaphoric concept of the “Frozen Lake.” The Frozen Lake is a training concept developed in Sayoc Kali. It is a thought-provocation exercise on how you would protect yourself from …you. This was used as the part of the story foundation in the […]

Sayoc Instructors

Sayoc Kali is a constantly evolving system, therefore all Sayoc Instructors undergo an annual test and assessment of their skills to renew and secure their rank.

Only the currently listed and licensed Sayoc Instructors are recognized as having received the most up-to-date Sayoc material and curriculum.

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